Saving Our Communities: Positive Music Matters

Dear Mr. Council,
I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and The Positive Community for your invaluable contribution to filling the media gap by highlighting the commendable achievements of Black churches, businesses, institutions, and individuals. Also, your platform’s recognition of our community leaders during the Great American Emancipation Day
Awards is deeply appreciated.

Moreover, I want to extend my sincere appreciation for your unwavering support of the Newark Boys Chorus School. It is through the dedication of individuals like yourself and The Positive Community that institutions such as the Newark Boys Chorus School have an opportunity to thrive. Since its establishment in 1969, the Newark Boys Chorus
School has remained steadfast in its mission to cultivate young boys into exemplary young men of integrity through
rigorous academic and musical training.

Your generous support signifies a pivotal step in the revitalization of an institution that has played a transformative role in shaping the lives of our most precious asset.

With warm regard,
Ansley W. LaMar, PhD, Head of School, Newark Boys Chorus School

“…Indeed, the very fortunes of the people will change for the better the day we accept full and complete responsibility for the future of Black music in America. The Newark Boys Chorus School was created for the people; by the people of Newark! It will continue to live, if only we will it to live.
Let us mobilize our collective resources to ensure the future of this great institution of music and song”.
—Publisher’s Desk Editorial/Winter Issue 2024

“The Negro has had a major influence on the total culture of America. Which of course, I would say that American music has the greatest influence on the world”
—Duke Ellington

“… Ours is an extraordinary history of trial, tribulation and triumph that we must never, ever forget! This is the very story we must tell our children and ever be remembered for all future generations. We the people, descendents of the Great Emancipation (1863-65) must
tell our own story and sing our greatest songs to each other and the entire world! We must remind ourselves over and over again of the noble struggle, human dignity, sacrifices and wisdom of our torch bearing forefathers; of our goodly heritage, our divine inheritance; our great music legacy—
Positive Music Matters!

—The African American Cultural Narrative

Special thanks to NJ Chapter of NOBLE (National Organization of Blacks in Law Enforcement) for their generous contribution to the Newark Boys Chorus School.

Donate to the Newark Boys Chorus School
PO Box 400 165
Newark, NJ 070104
973 621 8900
Website: [email protected]

Positive Change begins from within!