You Can Live Well

As a fitness expert, I often encourage clients to care for themselves first. It seems selfish, but the fact is that self-care is necessary and essential to your wellbeing. If you are a caregiver, mother, father, daughter, or son—what happens to those for whom you care if you become unable to because of sickness or ignoring your medical needs? Regular medical appointments, meditation time, massages, and facials—these are all important to your self-care.

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Powerful Stories of Breast Cancer Survivors

WORLD’s Stories from the Stage: The Podcast Kicks Off New Season

Stories from the Stage: The Podcast is the perfect salve during these trying times to help restore your faith in both humanity and in the benefit of human connection. Executive produced by Patricia Alvarado Núñez and Liz Cheng, who insist that our commonalities are greater than our differences, the series aims to prove it. The podcast, a companion to the original broadcast and streaming series from WORLD (formerly WORLD Channel), Stories from the Stage, also showcases extraordinary stories told by ordinary people from all walks of life before a live audience.

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