Consider it Pure Joy | Jennifer Jones Austin

When Jennifer Jones Austin, wife, mother, lawyer and child advocate, and the picture of good health, found herself burdened by a fever she couldn’t shake, doctors insisted it was merely viral and told her to sleep it off. Just days later she lay comatose with a 99% probability of imminent death.

Stricken suddenly with an acute form of leukemia that required a bone marrow transplant to increase her chances of survival, Jennifer and her family and friends were in a race against time as she fought cancer and together they searched for a bone marrow donor to cure her and others of the deadly disease.

With focus and precision that will leave you breathless, Consider It Pure Joy is a story that if not lived would make for a great novel. It is the harrowing account of one woman’s horrific battle with a life-threatening illness, and the power of faith and community to transform desperation into joy.