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The Positive Community is the only faith-based lifestyle magazine targeted to the African American consumer in the dynamic New York/New Jersey market. As its tagline demotes, the magazine focuses on the “Good News from the Church and the Community.”

The Positive Community fills a void that exists in dominant media, which provides little or no attention to the best of what is happening in the Black Church and community.  It was the co-founders’ vision to create a balanced medium that accurately reflects the community-building efforts of churches, small businesses, corporations, and concerned individuals. The publication would also be able to compete in the market-place, giving advertisers access to a growing faith community, via a much-needed alternative to mainstream media.

Now in its twenty-second year of publication, The Positive Community continues to grow in circulation and influence as a leadership chronicle.  In addition to the monthly publication, The Positive Community participates in and co sponsors church and community events that focus on health and financial literacy related issues.

Unlike many periodicals that focus exclusively on celebrities, The Positive Community’s readers are delighted to see their own pastors, neighbors, co workers, friends, and family members in a glossy magazine format that is well designed, colorful, and easy-to-read.

The Positive Community reflects the very best in the communities we serve. We focus on family and the community building efforts ― the good works of churches, businesses, institutions and individuals.It is clear from research and experience that what is seen, heard or read in church has the highest retention. The Positive Community delivers quality and service.

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