It’s a Love Thing Prayer Walk against gun violence

Dear Friends,
I’m just returning from Chicago this morning after the completion of The Positive
Community/Positive Music Matter’s  Prayer Walk against gun violence, NYC 2
Chicago. The theme:It’s a Love Thing.
Harlem pastor, Rev. Al Taylor started his 780 mile walk on Sunday, August 7th at
Church of the Covenant, across from the UN, passing thru Harlem and Paterson, NJ.
He received  a very enthusiastic welcome from the City of Newark and its clergy leaders.
Rev. Taylor then continued on to Morristown, NJ, through Pennsylvania; Cleveland,
Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; and Gary, Indiana before arriving in Chicago yesterday morning.
We accompanied, Rev. Taylor as he walked and ministered on Chicago’s South Side
with a police escort. The proliferation of gun violence in our cities is absolutely a very
serious matter!  Yesterday,we attended the press conference announcing Chicago’s 501st
victim of 2016,  a 71 year old man was shot by two men on bicycles while watering his lawn.
See video and link below:

For more info go to  See page 29 of the Summer Issue link.
Indeed, there’s lot of good is coming from this great community-building initiative
as we now begin preparation for the 2017 It’s a Love Thing  Prayer Walk. Stay tuned!
Thank you for your prayers, love and support,