A Diamond Dealer and Gemologist Shares Her Story and Secrets to Success

For professional gemologist Zenobia Morrow, dealing diamonds is a lifestyle. Find out how she got into the business and how doing so has restored her faith in men.

Name: Zenobia Morrow

Age: 30s

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Social Media: Twitter, Instagram 

Zenobia Morrow, a professional gemologist, works in Los Angeles remotely for a New York City diamond house. This Howard University graduate received her degree in design prior to studying gemology at the Gemological Institute of America in New York. See what’s she has learned from the business and how working with the fellas to pick out the perfect ring has restored her faith in men.

The gig: As a private jeweler, I work remotely from Los Angeles and work with clients throughout the country to service their loose diamond, custom design, and fine jewelry needs. For engagement rings, I’ll work with the customer to design a piece by hand or produce the finished design with my jewelers here in LA.

How she got into the business: It’s something that I’ve always been interested in. I took the initiative to get into a graduate program and once I finished that program I went out in the market, then I was able to link up with this incredible diamond house.

Her ultimate passion: I’ve always been interested in fine jewelry because I love the craftsmanship aspect of it and the science. Jewelry blends all of those elements together into a piece of art that you can wear.

Helping men find the perfect ring: Working with the guys is a really special process. They’re telling you their love story and understanding that they’re creating a legacy together is really special. Men get such a bad reputation so to be working with these guys is an alternative view to that. It restores my faith in relationships.

Advice for aspiring gemologists: Get as much information as you can about the industry and try to get hands-on industry experience; also, find your niche where you can be the most effective.

Her stress reliever: Watching old movies and reading jewelry books.

Her superpower: Being able to transfer people’s memories into a tangible item.

Her theme song: “Queen B@#$H” by Lil Kim.