Beyoncé’s Longtime Stylist Ty Hunter Launches Bright New Athleisure Line

“I’m ready to be an uncle again.”

This story originally appeared on People.

For over a decade he was the man behind Beyoncé’s slay.

Beginning in the days of Destiny’s Child, Ty Hunter made a career out of styling Queen Bey for everything from sold-out worldwide concerts to the her jaw-dropping appearances at the Met Gala. But after recently stepping out on his own the Texas-native is making some of his other wildest dreams come true.

“I dream big and to do a line was always part of my dream,” the stylist, 44, tells PEOPLE during the Hennessy V.S.O.P. Privilège Toast to Ty Hunter dinner on Wednesday night, celebrating his storied career and the launch of his new Reflex Capsule Collection of athleisure wear. Says Hunter, “I still can’t believe I have billboards up in Times Square!”

For the 23-piece collection, Hunter wanted to stay true to his signature aesthetic.

“I always wanted to do something that reflects my personality,” says Hunter. “That’s why you notice everything is so colorful. Normally when you think of athleisure it’s white, gray, black, blue and if you’re trying to show out you might do a little burgundy. I just wanted to have a fun line and not take fashion too seriously.”

Though he’s best known for dressing Beyoncé in dazzling gowns, Hunter says he “wanted to do something for the masses. And I’m always doing something unexpected. Even with Beyoncé, I’d go against the grain.”

Speaking of unexpected, the stylist admits he too was caught off guard by Bey’s recent big news.

“I was surprised, too!” he shares. “But we talk all the time and I’m just happy. She’s so happy, she’s glowing and I can’t wait. I’m ready to be an uncle again.”