RELIEF FUND Addressing the impact of The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic in our Community

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you, your family and associates as the COVID-19 pandemic impacts all of us. Please stay healthy and safe. Our worst suspicions have been confirmed by Mayor de Blasio who recently published NYC Health Department data that confirm that communities of color are two to three times as likely to die of COVID-19, therefore, we need your help and support now more than ever.

During these challenging times, to support those most severely impacted by the pandemic uptown, The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce has created a GoFundMe campaign, “SUPPORT HARLEM NOW.” As a HARLEM WEEK SPONSOR, in concert with The Chamber and other renowned organizations, institutions, and individuals working together, we need you to support the following areas:

1. A Daily Food Feed for families in need and the homeless.

2. Support initiatives for Harlem Hospital and Senior Citizens Programs.

3. Tablets and computers for school children currently unable to participate in virtual classes.

4. Tablets for patients isolated in hospitals to allow for communication with their family members who are unable to visit them.

5. The coordination of support services for small businesses and not-for-profit services impacted by the pandemic.

6. A weekly series of radio programs with information related to the pandemic provided by The Chamber and a network of health, education, business, technology, religious, cultural, and civic leaders.

7. Clothing donations for the homeless. And much, much more.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you, your family and associates. Please stay healthy and safe.


Your help and support have never been more needed than now.