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I am Lauryn Whitney, a mother, a black mother, to a black boy. I’ve wept, I’ve wailed, I’ve lost count of the names. Open your eyes to the wreckage. Your mind should be rioted by the memories of these names. Repost and share, Commit to combating anti-black racism. Do Something! #whendidibecomeathreat #myblackbabymatters #holdourpain #mybabymatters #authenticvoicesforchange Created by Lauryn Whitney ( IG: @AVwithLaurynWhitney | FB & Twitter: @LaurynWhitney) Edited by Juan Chavez and James Dierx Music By Dee Wilson, Song Title “Rose Petals” (I do not own the rights to this song) Special Thanks to every person who shared their authentic voice to breathe life into this pain. Thank you for your time and generosity.