Advocacy for Positive Community Change!

How wonderful it is to witness the coming together of diverse communities for leadership, comfort and healing. It was a heartwarming experience to learn that in New York State, it was our churches that were among the first COVID-19 testing sites to open in local neighborhoods.

Special thanks to churches that opened their doors to provide this much needed service. We’re proud to report that on the first weekend of this initiative, five out of eight testing sites I toured in Brooklyn and Queens were monthly bulk subscribers to The Positive Community’s Great Roll Call to Progress. (pg.7) They are: Bethany Baptist Church, Rev. Adolphus C. Lacey, pastor, Christian Cultural Center where Bishop A.R. Bernard is pastor and Pastor David Brawley’s St. Paul Community BC, in Brooklyn. In Queens I visited Greater Allen AME, Reverends Floyd and Elaine Flake co-pastors, and New Jerusalem Worship Center, Dr. Calvin Rice senior pastor (where I received my test).

Harlem Heroes

In this issue we explore outstanding examples of crisis management and compassionate leadership. In these areas the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce (GHCC) and its president Dr. Lloyd Williams leads the way!

About eight weeks ago we were invited to join GHCC in a series of weekly conference calls to address the health crisis and other crucial community issues. Present at these meetings were Manhattan Borough President Gayle Brewer, Congressman Adriano Espaillat, representatives from Columbia University, City College, Harlem Hospital, Mt. Sinai Hospital; from Harlem School of the Arts to the Harlem Arts Alliance to the Apollo Theater; leaders in business, banking, community service, commercial and residential real estate developers, NAACP, Urban League, One Hundred Black Men and NYPD all serve on this volunteer committee.

Each week this group will define the present challenges, discuss solutions, and report on progress the following week; while planning for the future and the Second Harlem Renaissance. We aptly named this feature and special section Harlem Heroes: Healing Harlem!

In fact, according to 125th St. BID CEO Barbara Askins, recent protests that passed through Harlem were largely peaceful as compared to other areas in Manhattan. The power of prayer and the faith of the people of God along with the determined, coordinated efforts of our Harlem Heroes are attributed to positive outcomes.

Decisive Leadership

In New Jersey, Newark’s Mayor, Hon. Ras J. Baraka and his team led by Municipal Council President Hon. Mildred C. Crump is recognized for their bold, decisive, and courageous response to the pandemic. It should also be of note that absolutely no violent protests came to Newark.

It’s a story of faith, perseverance, teamwork and goodwill! Special thanks to Rev. Derrick Green, senior aide to NJ Governor Phil Murphy and Rev. Louise Scott Rountree for hosting daily prayer calls and community updates. Rev. Rountree is director of Ecumenical Clergy Affairs for The City of Newark.

Positive Music Matters

Among the graduations, Juneteenth celebrations, family reunions and other traditional summer activities which have been drastically altered or cancelled because of the pandemic, June is also Black Music Month. And what a rich musical legacy we have. Indeed our music is a treasured cultural asset to be much valued, nurtured and celebrated by all generations!

We’re currently in a season of heighted awareness—Black Lives Matters as a result of recent incidents highlighted by the cruel, senseless murder of George Floyd. Today we seek justice: racial, economic and social justice!

But what then must we do to begin to heal from within—our families, our community our culture—our collective soul? Black Lives Matter; Positive Music Matters! The great Civil Rights movement of the mid 20th century had a largely positive music soundtrack to complement the freedom struggles and victories of those who came before us! When all is said and done, the progress of our children and the integrity of our culture mean everything! It’s our claim on the American Dream!

“In Classic Black”

Now more than ever, we must see to it that our music is working in our favor, in our children’s favor! Ideally, each of us is to be an advocate for positive community change!

Introducing TPC’s all new music streaming service, Positive Community Radio, America’s Best, “In Classic Black.” It’s the soundtrack of progress, freedom, good-will, faith, inspiration and wholesome fun! Positive Community Radio gets it right…in the end; it’s all about the future: Our People, Our Music and the Real Power of Soul! “Love will Find a Way!”

Listen to the music… Let us know what you think, after all, its your music too! [email protected]