Michael B. Jordan and Racial Justice Organization Color of Change Partner

Actor and Producer Michael B. Jordan ( Creed, Just MercyRaising DionBlack Panther) has teamed up with racial justice organization Color of Change to launch the #ChangeHollywood initiative, with the goal of transforming the entertainment industry’s inequitable power infrastructure.

Through #ChangeHollywood, Jordan and COC plan to offer recommendations as well as forthcoming resources to companies within the industry (e.g.  directories, consulting, task forces, templates) that support actionable follow-through.

The ultimate goal of #ChangeHollywood is to put forth concrete, measurable solutions for Hollywood to affirm, defend and invest in Black lives. Some key aspects include producing authentic Black stories, investing in Black talent and Black communities.

“This roadmap is just the beginning of the journey to racial justice. We are all accomplices in the fight to transform Hollywood, and we invite content creators and industry leaders to join us in working together to #ChangeHollywood,” Jordan said. “We look forward to including a variety of voices in doing what we do best: telling authentic stories, bringing people together, partnering with influential artists, and changing the rules of the game.”

“The legacy of racism in Hollywood is long and unforgivable: excluding Black talent, silencing Black voices, derailing Black careers, and using the economic power of the industry to prop up police who target and enact violence on Black communities,” Rashad Robinson, president of Color Of Change, said in a statement.

“We know from our advocacy that the industry won’t change on its own, so we’re building off our current work to hold Hollywood accountable to offer these resources and a roadmap toward enacting racial justice. From the writers’ rooms to the streets, we are energized and ready to help Hollywood follow through on their statements that Black lives matter.”