Professor Griff- ‘WAP’ Music Video Backlash and Weaponizaiton of Hip Hop Music

Professor Griff, is an American rapperspoken word artist, and lecturer currently residing in Atlanta. He was a member of the hip hop group Public Enemy, serving as the group’s ‘Minister of Information’

Griffin was born in Roosevelt, Long Island, New York. Before becoming famous and after serving in the U.S. Army he started a security company called Utility Force to do security at parties.[1]

He is best known for his S1W security team dressed in military uniforms who toured with Public Enemy, providing security and doing choreographed military step drills on stage. Today he does lectures on politics, society and the music industry, has an internet radio show on World Star Hit Radio and teaches classes in the Kybalion and The 7 Hermetic Principles for Self-Mastery.