New England Missionary Baptist Convention

On Saturday, October 3, 2020 Rev. Dr. Albert L. Morgan, Pastor of Union Baptist Temple Church in Bridgeton, NJ hosted a successful voter registration drive. As the President of the New England Missionary Baptist Convention, President Albert Morgan implemented a NEMBC Voter Registration Drive. All NEMBC regional state presidents, vice presidents, delegates and concerned individuals were encouraged to join President Morgan in igniting the community to register, know your plan, participate in the process and VOTE. Each state was asked to identify a Saturday or day of their choosing to host a voter registration event. The photographs and video clips of the voter registration efforts posted to social media throughout the region. Using hashtags, #NEMBC #knowyourplan with each post in an effort to make sure as many people as possible are engaged, registering to vote and actually participating in the process to protect the integrity of the election. We must lay the groundwork for social, criminal and economic justice now.

These unprecedented times demand that we have a better grasp of history, our African American story, awareness, understanding of who we are and whose we are. As the oldest African American Convention of record, we want to remain connected, relevant and politically prominent to influence and engage others as a Convention to join us as we motivate others on social justice issues and uphold our proud heritage in the African American communities at large.

The Historic New England Missionary Baptist Convention has held its Annual Session every year since its inception May 16, 1874, serving more than 400 hundred churches in its 146-year history. We have a proud Heritage! In this unprecedented time with the COVID 19 Coronavirus pandemic, shutdowns, restrictions, limitations and social justice issues, we were unable to meet at our regularly scheduled session in April 2020.

God gave President Morgan the vision for New England Missionary Baptist Convention, to host a Virtual Leadership Conference & Convention. The 2020 theme is “Taking it EZEEE DURING A CRISIS” Everybody Zealously – Edifying the Body, Exalting the Savior and Evangelizing the World Ephesians 4:11-16.

In the words of President Albert Morgan, “Don’t Even Try It” … You are Invited!!!

President Morgan and the NEMBC extends a personal invitation to You, Your Family and Friends to attend the Virtual 146th Annual Convention & Leadership Conference. The conference dates are November 5,6, & 7, 2020. Sessions will convene nightly in the evenings. We are excited to bring a virtual Praise & Worship and Guest speaker on Thursday evening. This session is hosted by the Women’s Auxiliary Department, Rev. Dr. Kim L Cotten serves as the women’s president. On Friday, November 7 there will be a special midday Pastors’ only edition workshop. Followed in the evening is our premiere Social Justice Forum panel discussion. It is going to be EPIC! The panel consists of Youth & Young Adults, prominent influential women, activists, ranked civil and commissioned civil officers. The Forum will be moderated by Rev. Dr. Kimberly Credit, she serves as the first female and seventh Pastor at the Mount Zion Baptist Church. She brings a range of administrative and leadership experience. Also included is our Youth session, Mental Health Seminar, workshops and more. President Morgan invites “all forward-thinking leaders

and clergy leaders of all faiths to come together in the year of 2020 let us take a stand together to for the positive; for all that’s great and good in black life and culture in America today.” Mark your calendars and save the date as we forge onward to maintain our historic tenure. The atmosphere will be EPIC as we strive towards excellence in our virtual presentation of the 146th Annual Convention & Leadership Conference.

For more additional information on our Annual Session and 2021 upcoming events, contact at [email protected] phone: 856-451-6054 Option 3