The Future of Black History in America: Our Year of Positive Change 2022

What is Positive Change? As we see it, positive change is hope for tomorrow, and opportunity for today—to aspire for the best—in our homes, the classroom, houses of worship, in corporate/community relations; in our music, matters of health, finances, businesses, public safety, and the local economy. Positive Change is the investment of the ages; freedom and love; quality, meaning and value—the seed that bears much fruit!

Our Year of Positive Change is the collective commitment to insure true liberty, happiness and prosperity for generations yet unborn; to forecast and act upon a future beyond our years!

One might inquire: “I get what you’re saying about this positive change, sounds interesting, but what is the ASK; and what’s in it for me; how much is this going to cost; what can I do to help?”

Black History

First, let’s take history into account. In an epic study of black life, spirituality and leadership entitled: Martin & Malcolm & America, the late James H. Cone, noted theologian and historian, wrote the following passage on self-knowledge:

Nothing pained Malcolm (X) more than black people’s alienation from each other, which he saw as the most damaging legacy of slavery. While physical servitude was terrible, mental slavery was worse, because when the mind is damaged, one cannot act in the best interest of the whole self. Other peoples have suffered physical slavery, but no other people have had its history and culture taken from it like black people. “We are a lost people,” said Malcolm at the Philadelphia temple. “. . . Any other people no matter where they live or are naturalized, they know where they come from.”

Add to that, today’s hostile media environment—a wicked, corporate entertainment industry, relentless in its unholy assaults upon the souls of our children; packaging and selling the SEVEN DEADLY SINS as an attractive lifestyle choice. We are now witnessing a generation coming of age that is well-nigh immune to insult, where “ignorance and the death of curiosity” reign. Sadly, for my generation the light of our collective memory and immense music legacy is growing dim.

The Ask

Our Year of Positive Change 2022 celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Great African American Cultural Narrative. It was written in May of 2012 in anticipation of the 150th anniversary observance of the Emancipation Proclamation January 1, 2013.

Study this narrative for yourselves. What was first published 10 years ago is as true today as it will be even 50 years from now! The Cultural Narrative is the truth about who we really are: Beloved Sons and Daughters of the Most High God; Mighty Descendants of the Great Emancipation—1863. And that is our story—the narrative—it belongs to us!

We ask that each of us commit to sharing this story with the children and our dear grandchildren. Teach it in the home, the classroom and houses of worship. Ideally, every child by the age of 13 should know how to read, speak and comprehend the cultural narrative—“a new language of freedom.” It must be committed to memory; never to be forgotten! Visit to view the Cultural Narrative video.

The Cultural Narrative provides simple answers to the complex question: Who are we; and where do we go from here? The Cultural Narrative is the story of a people—our claim on the American Dream, in just 281 words; a story for all communities, races and cultures to embrace!

What’s the Cost?

If you should ever visit historic Newark City Hall, check out the art gallery just outside the Mayor’s offices. A framed Cultural Narrative poster is proudly displayed for all to see and read. You too can own a beautiful 19×25 poster for just $19.99 for your home, place of business, church or classroom. Purchase this poster to commemorate the 160th anniversary of the Great Emancipation January 1, 2023.

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How Can I Help?

Save the children; secure the future, advance the Race! Indeed, the progress of our children and the integrity and dignity of our African American values, culture, and traditions—our collective soul—mean everything. And above all, in these matters, we the people are sovereign!

It is therefore our divine right and patriotic duty to preserve, protect and to promote our very best—America’s best. Never forget and always remember this everlasting truth: the only way we can ever be denied of our own talents and blessings is if we deny them for ourselves!

So, let us move forward together and celebrate—Our Year of Positive Change!