Roseville Community Charter School’s Family Math Games Night 2022!

Roseville Community Charter School hosted its annual Family Math Games Night at the school’s Community Hall!

The event was part of Roseville’s Parent University Series and is also one of the annual math initiatives to assist the school in making progress towards the district’s academic math goal and the increased parent engagement objective associated with this academic goal.

Mr. Michael Stokes, a 10-year veteran teacher currently serving as the Instructional Math Coach, is the chairperson of the Family Math Games Committee that includes teachers, administrators, and parents too! With the collaboration of his committee, Mr. Stokes has planned an evening that will be both a FUN family night and a wonderful LEARNING opportunity for parents that will ultimately help them to best support their child’s education at home.

“The math games designed for this event are closely aligned with K-4 grade level NJ math standards and are formulated to provide parents the opportunity to learn the problem-solving steps and skills that their children are being taught in school. What better way to help parents best support their children’s education than to provide an opportunity for them to learn what they need to know to assist their children at home, while also having FUN!” ~ Dr. Dionne Ledford, RCCS Executive Director & Superintendent