First Annual Newark International Film Festival (NIFF)

Last month, Newark, NJ hosted the first annual Newark International
Film Festival (NIFF). The inaugural film festival, held in the
downtown district of the largest city in New Jersey and the second
largest city in the New York metropolitan area, was quite the success,
featuring 100 independent films, by 90 filmmakers, from 50 countries.

The three day festival, sponsored by Newark-based company, Panasonic
Corporation of North America, took place from September 9-11 and
became an integral part of that historical landscape.

In addition to the film screenings, many of the city’s landmarks and
cultural hot spots hosted a phenomenally diverse lineup of events,
workshops, panel discussions and activities for independent
filmmakers, aspiring visionaries and film enthusiasts. Festival
attendance was free for students with the goal of educating the youth
about the film industry and exposing them to the industry’s broad
spectrum of career and entrepreneurial opportunities.

For a full list of the 2016 Newark International Film Festival’s
winners and a full recap of festival activities and events, log onto and stay tuned for future film festival activities
and events.

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