Movement for Positive Community Change!

Publisher’s Desk
Adrian Council

The Positive Community (TPC) family extends heartfelt prayers to each of you, our families, and our communities and to our nation in this time of unprecedented crisis and change. Even in the midst of all this uncertainty, let’s pause to give thanks and praises to the Almighty God that sustains us! Let us share words of healing, comfort and hope to those enduring this season of sickness, pain and grief.

Recognition is due to pastors and clergy called to lead, minister and devote their lives to unselfish service; of caring for the spiritual-wellbeing of so many in these turbulent times! Right-on to the front-line healthcare workers and to those who care for the suffering and the challenged. Shout out to the forward-thinking businesses, public and private institutions and all who advocate for positive community change!

Cultural Pride
As a small business, we too have been hit hard by the economic fall-out caused by the COVID-19 health emergency. And yet, as a team we resolve to stay-the-course; to persevere by mustering the will and the courage to go forth! As I see it, now more than ever, we really do need each other if we are to win; and win we must—together! Spiritual unity, cultural unity and team work are the essentials to lasting progress!

My sincere prayer is that as a community, we will begin to plan and forecast an enduring vision for our children’s future far beyond this pandemic crisis; that we would come out of this spiritually and culturally better off than when we went in. Collectively, we must do all we can to instill in our young people a real hunger for knowledge and truth; and an unquenchable thirst for righteousness!

In anticipation of the 150th anniversary observance of the Emancipation Proclamation (The Great Emancipation) on January 1, 2013, I first wrote The Cultural Narrative in the summer of 2012. And I have been touring scores of churches and community gatherings in the NY/NJ region ever since. The message: a cultural education is as important as learning reading, writing and arithmetic. “It’s about who you are and whose you are.”

TPC’s African American Cultural Narrative initiative provides a life affirming solution to the cultural identity question. It is a comprehensive curriculum that promotes history, community progress, cultural pride and good-will.

A Community-Building Ideal
Yes, let the Black Church lead the way in promoting cultural literacy, especially among our young people. Today, our children are out of school and at home. What if families and churches were to take it upon themselves to teach the children a narrative that tells our American story in about 280 words? Whether one hails from Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia or South America, this narrative represents our contribution towards a deeper understanding of this country’s history and the ideals of the American Dream— it’s for everyone!

Ideally, every child in our community before the age of 13, should have the ability to articulate and be conversant with this language of freedom—The Great Cultural Narrative. After all, this is who we truly are!

Our community partner, Prudential (the #1 corporation in NJ) has endorsed the cultural narrative initiative. They made sure the company’s brand logo was proudly displayed on each poster distributed to guests in attendance on January 1st at TPC’s 20th Anniversary/Great American Emancipation Day Awards Banquet!

Indeed, the progress of our children and the integrity of our African American culture, values and traditions—our collective soul—mean everything! And with this next step, we begin to heal, to secure a prosperous future of awesome potential and mighty possibilities for generations to come! Read the narrative for yourself. Allow the Spirit of Truth to speak to your soul!

The dawn of a movement for positive community change is now upon us; a positive, community-building ideal for all! . . . To God be the Glory forever and ever, Amen!