Morris County NAACP Youth Council 2021 Kickoff Meeting

On Monday, February 22 at 7:00 pm the Naacp youth council held a kick-off event for their new beginnings. Working hard for many weeks they came up with a fully packed introduction meeting. From the introduction to the games, no part of the night was a miss or boring. Even with a moment of technical difficulties, they were able to keep things lively.

They showed true passion for this events’ success as well as their teamwork truly showing through.

As it was a kick-off meeting not many showed yet that did not take away from the group determination. They knew that starting off things would be a little slow and that they would have to work to the bone to be able to reach their goal.

That night was truly one of amusement and fun with smiles and laughter all the was. And It definitely made an impact for those who showed up as many have returned to the following meeting that introduced one of the councils. With 100% confidence, I can say that it was a complete success and it was a definite achievement for the group.

Can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves!!