Health Beyond Coronavirus

By Kahil Carmichael

The Fitness Doctor

Humanity as a whole has been watching in horror as humankind was engulfed by the novel coronavirus. It was truly a worldwide pandemic, something I never thought I’d experience during my lifetime. Thankfully, it now looks like we have come to the other side as the world is slowly opening again. For this I am grateful.

Our only protections during the worst of the pandemic were isolation and wearing protective equipment. Although many first treated this as optional, wearing masks and social distancing quickly became more than a suggestion. It became law. This was a huge lesson for many as they put their personal preferences aside and embraced this new way of being to stay healthy.

Let’s equate this to our health — spirit, mind, and body. As the Fitness Doctor and the spiritual leader of a thriving faith community, I believe exercising fifteen minutes per day (at minimum) is essential. Yes, every day! It provides many benefits like weight loss, emotional stability, increased energy, and the reduction of chronic disease. Coupled with spiritual exercise and/or practices such as prayer and meditation, you now have a plan for success.

Do yourself a favor and follow these Fitness Doctor tips for better health:
• Get your physician’s approval before starting an exercise plan.
• Slowly incorporate regular physical activity into your schedule; take a fifteen-minute walk, exercise with hand weights, or use a fitness app for inspiration.
•Schedule it! Be consistent, build healthy habits, and increase them. It’s all about growth.
•Invest in a certified personal trainer to safely evaluate you and develop a plan for your success.

Hand in hand with exercise is dietary intake. Salty snacks and sweet desserts may taste good, but the result of indulging can be obesity and chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. If you eat poorly, you will not lose weight — no matter how much you exercise!

Follow these Fitness Doctor tips for an improved physical condition:
• Make healthy choices, one meal at a time.
• Build your self-control. Nothing tastes as good as being healthy!
• Avoid unsustainable fad diets and instead, consistently eat well. The results will show.
• Stop eating late meals.
• Select colorful vegetables and lean proteins for meals.
•Avoid simple carbs.
•Explore the produce section and try something new!

Consistent physical activity and a healthy, clean diet can improve your life dramatically, no matter your age or current condition. Making these changes can lessen or eliminate the effects of chronic disease, which is my
greatest desire for you. You must live well; it is more than a suggestion!

Live Well and prosper!

Fitness training is available through the Live Well Church FITCARE program, offered at the Fitness Doctor Studio in Somerset, New Jersey. Please call Karen Beasley at 732-912-4435 to schedule a free assessment.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this column is of a general nature. You should consult your physician or health care professional before beginning any exercise program or changing your dietary regimen.