Hooray For the Graduate… Jannah Muhammad

Jannah Muhammad graduated from Virginia Union University, an HBCU with a Bachelor’s in English and a minor in Marketing. She intends to pursue a career in publishing

Jannah’s story

In school during COVID, it was difficult for me to figure where my life was going. It seemed like the world was getting more and more unpredictable especially for those of us who were trying to get jobs. I have heard there are more jobs available now than before the pandemic. But, for a job in my field, I need 3-7 years of experience to obtain an entry-level position. I don’t have that experience. Fortunately, luck was on my side. My dad has a parttime job as an Uber driver. One day he began talking with a passenger and bragging about his family. That passenger happened to be Jean Wells, editor of The Positive Community magazine. When he told her that I would graduate this year and was interested in the publishing field, she gave him her card and said that I should come and see her when I graduated.. Well, I have been out of college for a little more than two months and already have a paid internship and it’s at The Positive Community.

Jean Wells’ Story

I was exceptionally pleased when I received the call from Jannah and that she decided to intern with us. So many times people fail to follow up and so miss an opportunity. Our goal is to grow our business so we can provide more opportunities for young people like Jannah. We trust that Jannah is learning. And will look back on this experience as positive as she pursues her career in publishing…maybe even here at The Positive Community.