A Will to Be Healthy

By Kahlil Carmichael MAPCC, MDIV, CPT is the pastor of Live Well Church, in Somerset, New Jersey. He is a fitness specialist at The Fitness Doctor, a fitness and wellness consulting company; and the author of 50 Tips for a Better You. He is a contributor to Guideposts magazine. His first publication, Living Longer Living Better, is available now. Go to www.livewellchurch.org for more information.

I believe it is time for the faith community to come to a full understanding that it is the will of God for each of us to live well. 1 Cor 6:19 asks us, “Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own?” We must treat our wonderful bodies with the honor they deserve, thereby honoring God. Our community does a great job glorifying God with our spirit. There is nothing like a worship service at a traditional Black church! The music, the prayer, the praise, and the preaching—each edifies our soul.

But what about glorifying God with our bodies? How do we glorify God with our bodies? I would like to humbly submit, as the owner of the Fitness Doctor AKA FitCare 360º, that we do this by incorporating healthy eating and healthy exercise.

I want to speak to you today about prioritizing your physical fitness. Your first step should be scheduling a physical examination with your doctor. Routine annual testing can reveal hypertension, high blood sugar, elevated cholesterol, cancer, and other chronic diseases. Follow your doctor’s testing recommendations for increased wellness! Daily physical activity is a huge part of honoring our physical bodies and bringing honor to God. Exercise, or mindful movement, affects your health beneficially in multiple ways. Exercise is not just for weight loss – it strengthens your heart, improves lung capacity, and speeds up the metabolism. Physical activity improves your balance and flexibility and can eliminate back pain. Mindful movement encourages a balanced sleep schedule and improved mental balance.


Increased physical activity can benefit you immensely. Try walking or jogging three to four days per week, steadily increasing the distance. Properly lifting weights will increase your bone density, muscle strength, and your posture. Exercise at home with only your body weight or use equipment. Invest in your health by purchasing some dumbbells, resistance bands, etc.

Healthy eating is also an essential part of honoring your body. Include vegetables, lean proteins, and lots of water in your daily intake. Save sweets for special occasions and try to eliminate salty foods from your diet. Adding a lot of color to your plate with fresh vegetables is appealing to the eye, to the tongue, and is so good for your body, your temple.

Peace and blessings be with you. God wants you to live well, and guess what? I do, too.

Be blessed, live well and Prosper!