Amerigroup Says Give Yourself the Gift of Health This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us; it typically includes a lot of overindulgence in food,multiple activities, and stress. So why not give yourself the best gift to give this year: the gift of health?

During this incredibly hectic season, it can be easy to put aside your wellness.

However, Amerigroup says now is an excellent time to focus on your mental and physical health and develop a plan that will allow you to build healthy habits in this upcoming new year. Amerigroup, a NJ FamilyCare managed care health plan, empowers its members to choose and sustain healthy lifestyles through unlimited health education programs and resources.

If keeping up with exams and vaccines schedules seems overwhelming, families can always ask their doctors for guidance. Families who are members of Amerigroup in New Jersey can also get help with scheduling appointments or even with finding care. It is as simple as calling Member Services at 1800 600-4111 (TTY 711) or visiting https://www.

Amerigroup members also have an additional incentive to complete children’s health exams and vaccinations. Amerigroup’s Healthy Rewards program pays members for taking control of their health, which means that members can earn rewards that can be redeemed for various retail gift cards. To learn more about these rewards, Amerigroup members should visit https://www.myamerigroup. com/nj and log in or register to manage rewards. Anyone with questions or needs help to enroll in Amerigroup’s Healthy Rewards program can call 888-990-8681 (TTY 711). To learn more about Amerigroup benefits and to see if you qualify, please call 1877 453-4080 or visit