For My Friends: An Insightful Message for Our Times!

Several weeks ago, a friend shared an editorial from popular American radio commentator and news columnist, Paul Harvey (1918–2009). His broadcast commentary, “If I Were the Devil,” was presented to a national radio audience in 1965, over 50 years ago! To read his profound, insightful message visit:
Also online is an Op-Ed that I had written 25 years ago, “Saving Our Own Community” It was published again, in The Positive Community’s June 2018 edition, on the occasion of this writing’s anniversary.
With that said, I once again bring to our reader’s attention that we are in the midst of a looming crisis in spirituality and culture in America today, particularly within the African American ethnic community. Our culture has been poisoned; our children are being led astray; the future  is imperiled!

False Liberty
Below are the video images of the latest tracks from Kanye West and Niki Minaj. You will have to Google the link yourself:
Kanye West: “I Love It”
Niki Minaj: “Barbie Dreams”
We will not defile our website with the vulgar and obscene language contained in these videos. This is adult entertainment—pornography—targeting pre-adolescent teens—12, 13–16 year-old—junior high and high school students.
Niki Minaj’s latest album, Queen features the chart-topping single, “Barbie Dreams.” As of last week, Kanye’s track, “I Love It,” peaked at number one on the Billboard charts with over 46,000,000 streams; “his biggest hit since 2015.” Both raps are delivered in child-like, nursery rhyme cadence . . . And this, my friends, is what false liberty masquerading as personal freedom looks like!
A relentless, wicked, unjust and unholy war is now being waged upon the very souls of our children! Nothing could be more evil, sinful or devastating than those who—black or white—would knowingly conspire to market this spiritual dog food to our young, our poor; mercilessly exploiting the ignorant, the innocent and the unlearned for selfish gain— individual and corporate greed. The net result of these unfair and enslaving practices: an entire generation in abject bondage to fashion and debt; disconnected from their historical antecedents in time; immune to insult!
Shame upon those amongst us—individuals, corporations, public and private institutions—who know better and yet simply choose to look the other way . . . And to think, we just buried the “Queen of Soul!”

Sacred Right

To secure the future, the African American people, must accept full responsibility for their great music legacy—all of it—Slave Work Songs, Negro Spirituals, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Soul, R&B, Reggae and Hip Hop! No, our culture does not belong to the person or the people with the most money.
To the contrary, on matters regarding the progress of our children and cultural sovereignty, the only way we can ever be denied these things is if we deny ourselves of our own
Our music is our greatest claim on the American Dream! Indeed, through intelligent thought—knowledge and wisdom—we must do all that we can to resist those who would, suppress, obscure and marginalize our community’s immense contribution to popular culture and world progress.Together, we must resolve to move the people forward!
It is, therefore, our God-given, sacred right; our patriotic duty to this country to preserve, protect and promote our very best. Again, the progress of our children and the integrity of our African American culture, values and traditions— our collective soul—mean everything!
My friends, I believe the future of Black music in America is the issue of our times! Based on where our community was musically 50 years ago; where we are today; what legacy will we pass along to future generations? This present generation will determine that outcome! The enemies of progress will not prevail over the people of God! . . . “The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice!”*