Spencer Uzoma

Name: Spencer Uzoma

Hometown: Hillside, New Jersey

Major: Mechanical Engineer, Newark College of Engineering at NJIT

Future plans: Studying at NJIT helped me get a job at BAE Systems through the connections I made while going to school. I plan on pursuing my master’s in Engineering Management at NJIT while working as a Systems Engineer.

Interesting fact: I was in the Army National Guard for six years, so I was able to join the Veteran Student Organization (VSO) at NJIT. Through the VSO I was able to make valuable connections and gain opportunities from veterans with years of experience in the industry.

Accomplishments: While at NJIT, I led a project in designing 3D models of a greenhouse using SolidWorks from start to finish. It was designed to grow plant life from four different climates (Mediterranean, arid, tundra and tropical) within a 100’ by 100’ building. With my knowledge of heat transfer and FEA Analysis, my group and I were able to simulate the entire greenhouse under real-world conditions.

Quotes: I started at Union County and transferred to NJIT, where I just earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. The professors and students at NJIT helped me become who I am today.