Masjidullah’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

BY Karen Waters, and Hajji Siddeeq W. El-Amin

Proud Muslims and enthusiastic supporters attended Masjidullah, Plainfield, New Jersey’s 50th Anniversary Celebration of dedication and service to its community at the Pines Manor, Edison, NJ on Saturday, March 14, 2020. Masjidullah is the oldest Islamic Masjid in the City of Plainfield.

The event began with traditional Salat (prayer), followed by Master of Ceremony Mahdee Najeeullah’s introduction of Resident Imam Khalil Abdul-Aziz, who warmly welcomed all in attendance.

The founding trailblazers honored for Masjidullah’s rich, 50-year history were: Bro. James Ali (deceased), Sis. Reather Ali, Hajji Yusuf Bilal (deceased), Sis. Patricia Bilal (deceased), Bro. Yahya Irshad (deceased), Bro. Dennis X (James) (deceased), Hajji Earnest Shakir, Hajjah Qadriyyah Shakir (deceased), Bro. Saleem Shakir (deceased), sis. Inas Shakir, Hajji Jaami D. Sharif, Hajjah Ummil-Khair Zakiyyah Sharif (deceased), and Bro. Abdul Wali.

Qur’anic recitations and the history of Masjidullah’s Sister Clara Mohammed Weekend School were interesting educational points, highlighted by students of the school presenting an inspiring Qur’anic recitation of the 99 Names of Allah.

City of Plainfield Council President Steve Hockaday, and Plainfield Councilman Barry Goode, Union County Freeholder Rebecca Williams, and NJ Assemblywoman Linda Carter were acknowledged, then presented Resolutions (some posthumously to family) to James and Reather Ali, Hajji Yusuf, Patricia Bilal, Yahya Irshad, Dennis James, Hajji Earnest, Hajjah Qadriyyah Shakir, Saleem and Inas Shakir, Hajji Jaami, Hajjah Ummil-Khair Sharif, and Abdul Wali.

The keynote address was given by Imam Abdul Azeez Manning of Harlem, and the Winard Harper Quintet and DJ George Bilal provided music. This exceptional evening of prayer, recognition, unity, and love closed with continued commitment for spiritual growth and outreach.