The Honorable Mildred Crump

This year marks the one-hundredth anniversary of the landmark ratification and adoption of the 19th Amendment, which solidified a promise into the U.S. Constitution that “the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.” The amendment was a pivotal triumph for voting rights and progress.

Conversely, the women’s suffrage movement that forced its enactment simultaneously created pressure on the demand for suffrage for Black people, which challenged the amendment’s effect and impact. While it secured the vote for middle-class white women, the amendment left Black women out in the cold—still banned from the polls through voter suppression tactics, blatant racial discrimination, and acts of terror. One hundred years later, the fight for voters’ rights continues. Newark Municipal Council President Mildred Crump planned to commemorate the historic amendment with a ries of events highlighting the women’s movement and honoring those contributing to the collective milestones of democracy and equal rights of our time. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic caused their postponement. However, the Council President is assuredly continuing the fight for all with even more persistence. During this pivotal time for social justice, Council President Crump, with fervor and amazing energy, continues to remove barriers, protect Newark residents, and work as an agent for change. Council President Crump’s contribution to local government and policy throughout New Jersey is well known. She is the embodiment of excellence and a role model for women looking to be change-makers in their communities. She is a mentor to countless public servants throughout New Jersey who look up to, trust, admire, and follow her.

Her election as Newark’s first African American female Municipal Council member on July 1, 1994 fortified her contribution to the women’s rights movement, bringing a much-needed perspective to that governing body.

A consummate and consistent advocate for women, children, senior citizens, the disabled, working families, and those in need, Mildred Crump was the perfect woman for the job. On July 1, 2006, she created history once again when Newark residents elected her Newark Municipal Council’s first female president.

A resident of Newark, Crump is active with numerous organizations. She is a past president and member of the Board of Trustees for Integrity House, Inc.; vice-chairperson of the Steering Committee of the Bridge to Recovery; member of the Board of Trustees of the Boys and Girls Club of Newark; past president of the Board of Directors, Habitat for Humanity, Newark; and subscribing Golden Heritage Life Member of the Newark Branch NAACP. She was a founding member of the New Jersey Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc.; the National Political Congress for Black Women of Newark; and the Global Women’s Leadership Collaborative of New Jersey proudly cites her membership in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Council President Crump is also founder of the Newark Women’s Conference, Inc., an organization that promotes the empowerment of women in Newark and vicinity. The two-day conference has attracted more than 6,000 participating women of all ages, social, and ethnic backgrounds.

The host of Straight Talk with Mildred Crump on NWK TV, she and her guests discuss issues of relevance affecting the quality of life. A sought-after motivational speaker in schools, churches, and public service organizations, she has presented workshops on the empowerment of women in Beijing, China; Ghana, West Africa; and throughout the United States.

Crump is not ashamed to declare, “I love God,” and is an active member of Bethany Baptist Church in Newark, where serves with the Senior Missionary Society, Altar Guild, AIDS Ministry, and Welcome Committee. She is also an active member of the World Gospel Musical Association, a combined choir under the direction of Dr. Albert J. Lewis, Jr.

She is the recipient of countless awards and achievements and listed in International Who’s Who of Women of Prominence, Who’s Who of University Women, and other prestigious publications.

Her commitment to public service is unmatched. Always having a kind or encouraging word and being a change agent whose leadership encourages women to vote, run for office, and use their voices for change in their communities, Newark Council President Crump is a force to reckon with. Thank you, Mildred Crump for all you do. Crump is not ashamed to declare, “I love God,” and is an active member of Bethany Baptist Church in Newark, where she serves with the Senior Missionary Society, Altar Guild, AIDS Ministry, and Welcome Committee.