How might churches think more critically about antiracism and do the work of justice?

This question is at the core of the curriculum at New Brunswick Theological Seminary. All NBTS students approach this as part of a foundation course entitled Analyzing the Systems of Privilege. Faculty comprised of a racially diverse, ecumenical, and interdisciplinary teaching team from NBTS help students consider social constructions of race, gender, and sexuality, class and economic inequities, and the ways these structures inform privilege and oppression. Students engage the scholarship on these subjects in deeply contextualized ways, attentive to intersectionality and with consideration of local and global dynamics. Beyond this foundational offering, NBTS strives to help students recognize and sharpen the skills they already use to dismantle oppression and equip them with additional tools that promote justice and social transformation. Exploration of these issues benefits from an NBTS student body that is predominately of color and majority Black. Committed to emancipatory theological language in our classrooms and inclusive conceptions of faithful communities, NBTS provides a bridge for students from diverse theological perspectives and cultural backgrounds to learn more about these subjects and empowers them to lead faithfully in the church and world.

We invite you to come explore NBTS and discover the ways we help you to think critically, act justly, and lead faithfully.