East Orange “Back-to-School Welcome Walk”

Mayor Ted R. Green, the East Orange City Council, and staff from various municipal departments participated in the city’s annual “Back-to-School Welcome Walk,” a multi-day campaign held at East Orange’s elementary, middle, and high schools to welcome students to the 2023-2024 school year.

East Orange City Council Chairman Christopher Awe said the importance of “starting on the right foot” should never be understated.

“We’ve had a very busy summer keeping our young people active and engaged, and now we are looking forward to the new learning experiences that this school year will bring. We are lockstep with our school administrators, parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors in providing our young people with both the tools and the support they need to excel in- and outside of the classroom,” said Mayor Green. I want to encourage parents and guardians to join and support the Parent- Teacher Organization at their child’s school. Parental involvement is directly tied to student performance and engaged parents become advocates and a valuable resource for their child’s needs. Let’s continue to make learning a priority in your home and work together to raise our village.”