Black women helped Doug Jones to victory in Alabama

Democrat Doug Jones sailed to victory Tuesday in Alabama with the help of black voters, according to exit polls.

According to CNN exit polls, Jones defeated Roy Moore with the help of nearly unanimous support from black voters, with 96% of black voters supporting the democratic candidate. On Twitter, the hashtag #BlackWomen began trending early Wednesday as people noted that CNN exit polls showed 98% of black women voters supported Jones.

According to the exit polls, 17% of voters in the election were black women, and 98% of them voted for Jones. The exit polls found that 31% of voters were white women, and only 34% of them voted for Jones, while 63% voted for Moore.

Many people used the hashtag #BlackWomen to voice support for Jones and note that Democrats need to step up their support for minorities.

Alabama had not elected a Democrat to the Senate in 25 years before Jones’ shocking come-from-behind victory against the former state Supreme Court justice Roy Moore.