Something is Missing

by Marcia Wilson Brown Esq.

Morning Saints,
I’m getting very concerned with our children, our babies. Something is missing. They speak with their eyes and think with their emotions. They have grown up in a visual world. A world that creates addictions based on what one sees. Heck, we’re afflicted ourselves. Whether it’s the TV, NetFlix, Facebook, Instagram or You Tube, the video has changed everything about our lives but our sense of how sacred life is. Something is missing.

We cannot speak truth anymore with just words. A recent news poll revealed that the majority of Americans do not feel that words have absolute meaning. Like morality, it’s about what is in the minds of the doer. You do you, I do me. Truth is simply what one opines on Twitter. Any criticism suggests that you think you are better in some way. No one wants absolutes. Yes, something is missing. I don’t know when it happened, but I do know that neither science, naturalism or reason alone has ever led to morality, equality or spirituality. We cannot afford to lose a generation wounded by a society that has plundered our very souls and left humanity so bankrupt. Well, how you say. I’m no seer, but first, I think we speak with passion.

One thing this generation has in abundance is a majestic passion in its pursuits, that while it is often naive of course on account of inexperience, I find it a thing of beauty. Second, I think we speak to them with the symbols of their culture. We can use word poetry, or music from Beyoncé or from underground hip hop to make our points. We can also learn something too. Finally, most importantly, we have to show them our changed lives. When they see us, do they see love, compassion, goodness, kindness? If not, they will not listen and we will not win them. Our children need the long rope of tolerance for after all wisdom is a journey. They also need to see the light on the hill. Without it, they won’t see us. Oh yes, Something is missing…maybe Saints, it’s you and me.